DSR Calculator


What Is DSR?

DSR is Debt Service Ratio

It is a comparison of your debt commitment to your income. In other words, how much of your income will be used to repay your loans.

DSR = Total debt commitments per month
Total income per month

Let’s use an example. Ahmad earns RM4,500 a month. He has a car loan that requires him to pay RM800 each month and a home loan that requires him to pay RM1,600 each month in mortgages. Using the formula above, Ahmad’s DSR is 53%.

Ahmad’s DSR = RM800 + RM1,600

= RM2,400

= 53%

Banks generally, will accept a DSR below 60% for all debt commitments you have. This means that if Ahmad wants to apply for a personal loan in the future, he cannot have additional monthly commitments beyond RM300, unless his earnings per month increases.

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